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ManNPAc; N-phenylacetyl-D-mannosamine
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03/10/2015 - "We engineered cancer cells to express an artificial structure, N-phenylacetyl-D-neuraminic acid, in place of the natural N-acetyl-D-neuraminic acid of GM3 by using N-phenylacetyl-D-mannosamine (ManNPhAc) as a biosynthetic precursor. "
03/21/2006 - "Efficient metabolic engineering of GM3 on tumor cells by N-phenylacetyl-D-mannosamine."
03/21/2006 - "Because N-phenylacetyl GM3-protein conjugates are particularly immunogenic, the combination of an N-phenylacetyl GM3 conjugate vaccine with systemic N-phenylacetyl-d-mannosamine treatment is a promising immunotherapy for future development and application to melanoma and other GM3-bearing tumors."
11/01/2012 - "Using a murine leukemia model FBL3 with GM3 antigen as the target, it was shown that artificial GM3 N-phenylacetyl derivative (GM3NPhAc) elicited robust antigen-specific T cell-dependent immunity and that N-phenylacetyl-D-mannosamine (ManNPhAc) as the biosynthetic precursor of GM3NPhAc selectively glycoengineered cancer cells to express GM3NPhAc both in vitro and in vivo. "
12/15/2007 - "To verify the principal of a new immunotherapeutic strategy for cancer, a monoclonal antibody 2H3 against N-phenylacetyl GM3, an unnatural form of the tumor-associated antigen GM3, was prepared and employed to demonstrate that murine melanoma cell B16F0 could be effectively glycoengineered by N-phenylacetyl-d-mannosamine to express N-phenylacetyl GM3 and that 2H3 was highly cytotoxic to the glycoengineered B16F0 cell in the presence of complements. "
3. Leukemia

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