Eucommia ulmoides EAFP2 peptide

the tertiary structure of EAFP2 represents the first five-disulfide cross-linked structural model of the plant antifungal peptide; adopts a compact global fold composed of a 3(10) helix (Cys3-Arg6), an alpha-helix (Gly26-Cys30), and a three-strand antiparallel beta-sheet (Cys16-Ser18, Tyr22-Gly24, and Arg36-Cys37); shows a chitin-binding domain (residues 11-30) with a hydrophobic face and a characteristic sector formed by the N-terminal 10 residues and the C-terminal segment cross-linked through the unique disulfide bond Cys7-Cys37, which brings all four positively charged residues (Arg6, Arg9, Arg36, and Arg40) onto a cationic face; amino acid sequence in first source
Also Known As:
EAFP2 peptide, Eucommia ulmoides; Eucommia antifungal peptide 2, E ulmoides
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