lamin C

an alternatively-spiced form of lamin A
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05/01/1999 - "Lamin C was expressed ectopically after heat shock of embryos and localized to the nucleus. "
08/01/2011 - "Studies on this locus in my and several other laboratories during the past four decades have revealed that (i) this locus is developmentally active, (ii) it is a member of the heat shock gene family but selectively inducible by amides, (iii) the 93D or heat shock RNA omega (hsr row) gene produces multiple nuclear and cytoplasmic large non-coding RNAs (hsr row-n, hsr row-pre-c and hsr row-c), (iv) a variety of RNA-processing proteins, especially the hnRNPs, associate with its > 10 kb nuclear (hsr row-n) transcript to form the nucleoplasmic omega speckles, (v) its genomic architecture and hnRNP-binding properties with the nuclear transcript are conserved in different species although the primary base sequence has diverged rapidly, (vi) heat shock causes the omega speckles to disappear and all the omega speckle associated proteins and the hsr row-n transcript to accumulate at the 93D locus, (vii) the hsr row-n transcript directly or indirectly affects the localization/ stability/activity of a variety of proteins including hnRNPs, Sxl, Hsp83, CBP, DIAP1, JNK-signalling members, proteasome constituents, lamin C, ISWI, HP1 and poly(ADP)-ribose polymerase and (viii) a balanced level of its transcripts is essential for the orderly relocation of various proteins, including hnRNPs, RNA pol II and HP1, to developmentally active chromosome regions during recovery from heat stress. "
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