S100 calcium binding protein A10

a member of the S100 family of calcium-binding proteins; binds Bcl-xL; considered both a ligand for and a subunit of annexin II
Also Known As:
ANX2LG protein, human; CAL1L protein, human; P11 calpactin, human; S100 calcium binding protein A10 (calpactin), mouse; S100 calcium binding protein A10, human; S100 calcium binding protein A10, rat; S100 family protein p11; S100A10 protein; S100A10 protein, human; S100a10 protein, mouse; S100a10 protein, rat; antiapoptosis protein P11; calpactin-1 light chain, mouse; p11 calpactin I light chain; p11 calpactin, mouse; p11annexin II subunit
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