seminal vesicle-specific antigen

SVSA is the predominant protein in seminal plasma; contributes to the rapid clotting of ejaculate; SEMG1 is a 15 kDa secretory protein inhibitor of sperm motility; SEMG2 is MW 62.9 kDa and participates in the formation of gel matrix entrapping the accessory gland secretions and ejaculated spermatozoa; RefSeq NM_003007 (SEMG1); NM_003008 (SEMG2)
Also Known As:
SEMG1 protein, human; SEMG2 protein, human; SPMI protein, human; SVSA protein; SgI protein, human; SgII protein, human; semenogelin I protein, human; semenogelin II protein, human; semenogelin protein, human; seminal plasma motility inhibitor protein, human
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