BNP 1350

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Also Known As:
BNP-1350; BNP1350
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Related Diseases

1. Neoplasms (Cancer)
10/15/2000 - "In conclusion, BNP1350 shows a broad spectrum of activity in experimental human tumors and is a suitable candidate for oral treatment of cancer."
10/15/2000 - "New highly lipophilic camptothecin BNP1350 is an effective drug in experimental human cancer."
10/15/2000 - "We determined the efficacy of BNP1350 in experimental human colon cancer and compared its anti-tumor effects with those of CPT-11/SN-38. "
10/15/2000 - "BNP1350, 7-[(2-trimethylsilyl)ethyl]-20(S)-camptothecin, is a novel semi-synthetic, highly lipophilic, silicon-containing camptothecin and an inhibitor of topoisomerase I. It has been supercomputer engineered for superior oral bioavailability, superior lactone stability, broad anti-tumor activity, increased potency and insensitivity to Pgp/MRP/LRP drug resistance. "
06/01/2007 - "101M, 12B75; ABT-869, Agomelatine, Alvocidib hydrochloride, Amb a 1 ISS-1018, AMG-386, Andolast, AP-23573, Arsenic trioxide, ATI-7505; BAY-68-4986, Berberine chloride, BNP-1350, BrachySil, Brostallicin hydrochloride; Caldaret hydrate, Cancer vaccine, Cediranib, CHAMPION everolimus-eluting coronary stent, CP-751871; D-4F, Degarelix acetate, Dofequidar fumarate; Ecogramostim, Enzastaurin hydrochloride, Etaracizumab, Everolimus; Fluticasone furoate; Glucarpidase; Hochuekki-to, Human papillomavirus vaccine; Icatibant acetate, INO-1001, Interleukin-21, Irofulven, ISIS-301012, Ixabepilone; KRN-951; Lacosamide; Mecasermin, Mecasermin rinfabate, Mepolizumab, Mesna disulfide, m-NO-ASA; Nematode anticoagulant protein c2, Nilotinib, Nolatrexed dihydrochloride; O6-Benzylguanine; Pemetrexed disodium, Perifosine, Pertuzumab, Plitidepsin, Prasterone, PRO-2000/5, PX-12, Pyridoxal phosphate; Recombinant human soluble thrombomodulin, Retapamulin, Rinfabate, Rubitecan; Seliciclib, SR-271425, STA-4783; T- 2000, Telatinib, Temsirolimus, Terameprocol, Teverelix, Ticagrelor, Tipelukast, Tirapazamine; Uracil; Valspodar, Vatalanib succinate, Velimogene aliplasmid, Vitespen, Volociximab; XL-184."
2. Colonic Neoplasms (Colon Cancer)
3. Ovarian Neoplasms (Ovarian Cancer)
4. Melanoma (Melanoma, Malignant)
5. Carcinoma (Carcinomatosis)

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