beta-crystallin B2

vertebrate eye lens; amino acid sequence in first source
Also Known As:
CRYBB2 protein, human; Crybb2 protein, mouse; Crybb2 protein, rat; beta b2-crystallin; crystallin beta b2; crystallin, beta B2; crystallin, beta B2 protein, human; crystallin, beta B2 protein, mouse; crystallin, beta B2 protein, rat
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1. Cataract (Cataracts)
06/01/2001 - "A unique form of autosomal dominant cataract explained by gene conversion between beta-crystallin B2 and its pseudogene."
04/15/1991 - "This abnormal beta B2-crystallin may be the cause of the cataract in this animal."
04/15/1991 - "The Philly mouse, a strain with an inherited cataract, has an abnormal beta B2-crystallin, the principal beta-crystallin in the mouse. "
01/01/2009 - "We screened a Basotho family, clinically documented to have congenital nuclear cataracts, for mutation in the candidate genes CRYG (C & D; Crystallin, gamma C and Crystallin, gamma D), GJA8 (Gap junction protein, alpha 8), CRY (AA & AB; Crystallin, alpha A and Crystallin, alpha B), CRYBA (Crystallin, beta A) and CRY (BB1 & BB2; Crystallin, beta B1 and Crystallin, beta B2) through polymerase chain reaction analyses and sequencing. "
01/01/2009 - "Linkage was excluded for the known cataract candidate gene loci at 1p34-36, 1q21-25 (gap junction protein, alpha 8 [GJA8]), 2q33-36 (crystallin, gamma A [CRYGA], crystallin, gamma B [CRYGB], crystallin, gamma C [CRYGC], crystallin, gamma D [CRYGD], crystallin, beta A2 [CRYBA2]), 3q21-22 (beaded filament structural protein 2, phakinin [BFSP2]), 12q12-14 (aquaporin 0 [AQP0]), 13q11-13 (gap junction protein, alpha 3 [GJA3]), 15q21-22, 16q22-23 (v-maf musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog [MAF], heat shock transcription factor 4 [HSF4]), 17q11-12 (crystallin, beta A1 [CRYBA1]), 17q24, 21q22.3 (crystallin, alpha A [CRYAA]), and 22q11.2 (crystallin, beta B1 [CRYBB1], crystallin, beta B2 [CRYBB2], crystallin, beta B3 [CRYBB3], crystallin, beta A4 [CRYBA4]). "
2. Neoplasms (Cancer)
3. Fibrosarcoma

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