prophospholipase A2

activated by plasmin to produce the receptor-binding form of phospholipase A2-I
Also Known As:
prephospholipase A2
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1. Pancreatitis
06/01/1994 - "[An experimental study on pancreatitis associated with anomalous junction of the pancreaticobiliary ductal system with special reference to the activation of prophospholipase A2 in bile]."
10/01/1993 - "Serum pancreatic phospholipase A2 and prophospholipase A2 in acute pancreatitis and after endoscopic retrograde pancreatography."
10/01/1986 - "The difference between immunoreactive phospholipase A2 content and phospholipase A2 activity was, in part, due to the presence of prophospholipase A2 in severe acute pancreatitis sera, but the phospholipase A2 content measured by radioimmunoassay was still about 5 times higher than that calculated from fully activated phospholipase A2 activity by trypsin."
08/30/1985 - "The generation of lysolecithin by enterokinase in trypsinogen prophospholipase A2 lecithin mixtures, and its relevance to the pathogenesis of acute necrotising pancreatitis."
08/30/1985 - "Lecithin hydrolysis by phospholipase A2 was dependent on the bile salt/lecithin molar ratio and was optimal at 1.25 to 1. The addition of enterokinase to lecithin and bile salt mixtures, containing trypsinogen and prophospholipase A2 at presumed pathophysiological concentrations, resulted in the generation of concentrations of lysolecithin lytic for pancreatic acinar cells within 5 min. These findings would support the concept that the entry of bile containing active enterokinase into the pancreatic duct system in vivo may in some cases be involved in the initiation of necrotising acute pancreatitis in man."
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4. Pancreatic Diseases (Pancreatic Disease)

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