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JB 516; JB-516; beta-phenylisopropylhydrazine; Hydrazine, (1-methyl-2-phenylethyl)-
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2. Hypothermia
10/01/1969 - "This effect lasted for at least 4 hr; 20 hr after the injection, halothane again caused hypothermia.4. An injection of pheniprazine (10 mg/kg) usually caused a small rise in temperature which was not sustained. "
01/01/1980 - "On the contrary, pretreatment with barbital sodium, pheniprazine, 1-DOPA and 1-tyrosine significantly inhibited the hypothermia or exhibited the hyperthermia. "
01/01/1970 - "Tranylcypromine and pheniprazine acted in doses of a few milligrams, pargyline in doses of over 100 mg.3. The hypothermia was prevented by injections into the cerebral ventricles of tranylcypromine and pheniprazine, in doses which were effective also on intraperitoneal injection; intraperitoneal injections were sometimes more effective. "
10/01/1969 - "Pheniprazine not only prevented the hypothermia of halothane anaesthesia during the subsequent 20 hr, but during the first few hours after the injection halothane inhalation actually produced a steep rise in temperature.5. An injection of pargyline (50 mg/kg) had no effect on temperature but the hypothermia due to halothane inhalation was prevented 1 hr after the injection and attenuated after 20 hr. Injection of 200 mg/kg caused a steady rise in temperature which was accelerated when halothane was administered 1 hr later.6. An injection of nialamide (10, 25 or 50 mg/kg) had no immediate effect on temperature, but pyrexia developed overnight after the two larger doses. "
01/01/1970 - "1. In cats, the effects of tranylcypromine and pheniprazine, two monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors with strong amphetamine-like actions, of pargyline, an inhibitor without amphetamine-like actions, and of amphetamine itself, were examined on the hypothermia produced by a 2 hr period of halothane inhalation.2. The hypothermia was prevented by intraperitoneal injections of the three MAO inhibitors. "
3. Jaundice
4. Fever (Fevers)
5. Angina Pectoris

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