silver preparation; has low antimicrobial activity; decamethoxine has the ability to increase the bactericidal action of poviargol and its disinfecting action; no other info avail 6/93
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01/01/2003 - "In the study groups applications on the wound of ion-exchange sorbents of natural origin (ceolyt including its modification with 1% silver, multicomponent ointment with bentonit, poviargol, propolis and metronidazol) were used. "
09/01/2004 - "Effects of new wound dressing bacterial cellulose impregnated with SOD and poviargol (Procel-Super and Procel-PA) and Inerpan hydrogel dressing on the reparative processes in deep dermal burns (IIIa-IIIb degree) in rats exposed to total even irradiation in a dose of 4 Gy were studied. "
01/01/2014 - "It is established that local application of carbopol hydrogels modified by electric (frequency-modulated) signal with antiseptics (poviargol) and nanostructural components (natural fullerene complex) shortens the period of wound cleansing from detritus on the background of decompensated diabetes by 3.6 days (p > 0.05), accelerates healing by 8.4 days (p < 0.05), reduces the frequency of suppuration by 23.3% (p < 0.05), exhibits strong bactericidal effect against wound infections by pathogens, and restores tissue impedance. "
01/01/2014 - "The effects of 0.5% hydrogels of acrylic polymers (carbopol), antibiotic ointment based on polyethylene oxides (levomekol), silver-containing creams (dermazin and argosulfan), silver sulfadiazine ointment with epidermal growth factor (ebermin), and wound-covering fabric of antibacterial cellulose with poviargol and zero-valent silver (aquacell-Ag) on skin repair processes have been evaluated in comparative experiments on rats. "
4. Wound Infection (Wound Infections)
5. Suppuration

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