SAPAP proteins (BEGAIN)

a presynaptic protein related to the product of Drosophila tumor suppressor gene dlg-A; has C-terminal domain homologous to yeast guanylate kinase; amino acid sequence in first source
Also Known As:
BEGAIN; BEGAIN protein, human; DAP protein (DLG); DAP-1 protein, human (drosophila homolog); DLG-associated protein; DLG-associated protein 1, human; DLGAP1 protein, human; DLGAP4 protein, human; Dlg1 protein, mouse; GKAP protein, human; GKAP protein, mouse; Mars protein, Drosophila; PSD-95 SAP-90-associated protein-4; PSD-95 SAP-90-associated protein-4, human; PSD-95-associated protein; SAP90-PSD-95-associated proteins; SAPAP protein; SAPAP1 protein, human; brain-enriched GKAP; discs, large (Drosophila) homolog-associated protein 1, human; guanylate kinase-associated protein, Drosophila; guanylate kinase-associated protein, human
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