myosin-binding protein C

bears significant resemblance to the C2 set of the immunoglobulin superfamily & fibronectin type III motif; related to myosin-binding protein H; GenBank X90475 (Mybpc1, rat); RefSeq NM_206821 (MYBPC1, human); NM_004533 (MYBPC2, human); NM_000256 (MYBPC3, human); NM_146189 (Mybpc2, mouse); NM_008653 (Mybpc3, mouse)
Also Known As:
C-protein (muscle); MYBPC1 protein, human; MYBPC2 protein, human; MYBPC3 protein, human; MyBP-C protein; Mybpc1 protein, mouse; Mybpc1 protein, rat; Mybpc2 protein, mouse; Mybpc3 protein, mouse; Slow-type C-protein, mouse; cMyBP-C protein, Xenopus; cMyBP-C protein, mouse; cardiac C-protein, mouse; cardiac myosin binding protein C, human; cardiac myosin-binding protein C, Xenopus; cardiac myosin-binding protein C, mouse; chicken skeletal muscle-binding protein C; fast-type C-protein, mouse; muscle C-protein, rat; myofibrillar C-protein; myosin binding protein C, cardiac, human; myosin binding protein C, cardiac, mouse; myosin binding protein C, fast type, human; myosin binding protein C, fast-type, mouse; myosin binding protein C, slow type, human; myosin binding protein C, slow type, rat; myosin binding protein C, slow-type, mouse; myosin-binding protein C, cardiac, mouse; skeletal muscle C-protein, human; skeletal muscle-binding protein C, Gallus gallus
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