N- succinimidyl- 3- (2- pyridyldithio)butyrate

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1. Neoplasms (Cancer)
07/01/2015 - "We compared M9346A conjugates with various linker/maytansinoid combinations, and found that a conjugate, now denoted as IMGN853, with the N-succinimidyl 4-(2-pyridyldithio)-2-sulfobutanoate (sulfo-SPDB) linker and N(2')-deacetyl-N(2')-(4-mercapto-4-methyl-1-oxopentyl)-maytansine (DM4) exhibited the most potent antitumor activity in several FRĪ±-expressing xenograft tumor models. "
02/01/1993 - "The therapeutic efficacy of SWAII-SPDB-dg.ricin A chain was further demonstrated by the selective elimination of clonogenic SW2 cells from small tumor-cell deposits established in sponge matrices. "
02/01/1993 - "The cytotoxic potency of SWAII-SPDB-dg.ricin A chain was demonstrated in tissue culture by the inhibition of 3H-leucine incorporation and by the selective elimination of CD24-positive tumor cells in clonogenic assays. "
05/26/2011 - "Antibody-maytansinoid conjugates (AMCs) bearing these sulfonate- or PEG-containing hydrophilic linkers were, depending on the nature of the targeted cells, equally to more cytotoxic to antigen-positive cells and equally to less cytotoxic to antigen-negative cells than conjugates made with SPDB or SMCC linkers and thus typically displayed a wider selectivity window, particularly against multidrug resistant (MDR) cancer cell lines in vitro and tumor xenograft models in vivo."
02/01/1993 - "In nude mice, SWAII-SPDB-dg.ricin A chain was cleared from the blood circulation with biphasic kinetics: an initial alpha phase of 1 hr and a second beta phase of 20.5 hr. Following i.v. injection of a dose equivalent to 30% of the LD50, the immunotoxin delayed the growth of SW2 solid-tumor xenografts by 16 days. "
2. Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (Small Cell Lung Cancer)
3. Shock

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