Herpes simplex virus-1 scaffold protein

encoded by overlapping in-frame UL26 and UL26.5 transcripts; essential for formation and efficient maturation of capsids; N-terminal protease domain, and its C-terminal oligomerization and capsid protein-binding domains are identical to those of UL26.5. The UL26 protease cleaves itself, releasing minor scaffold proteins VP24 and VP21protease cleavage produces two polypeptides, Prn and ICP35a; do not confuse with HSV-1 assembly protein ICP35
Also Known As:
scaffold protein, Herpes simplex virus-1; HSV-1 ICP35 protease; HSV-1 capsid protein VP24; Herpes simplex virus-1 ICP35 proteinase; ICP35 protease, HSV-1; ICP35 protease, Herpes simplex virus-1; ICP35 protease, Human herpesvirus 1; UL26 protein, HSV-1; UL26 protein, Herpes simplex virus-1; UL26 protein, Human herpesvirus 1; UL26.5 protein, Herpes simplex virus-1; VP24 protein, Herpes simplex virus-1; herpes simplex virus type 1 capsid VP24; internal scaffold protein, Herpes simplex virus-1; scaffold protein, Human herpesvirus 1
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