Glycine max P34 protein

a 379 residue 46-kDa polypeptide that increases to 47 kDa by glycosylation and cleaved at residue 122 to result in the 257 residue 34 kDa protein; homologous with papain thiol protease and with Ara h 1 protein, Arachis hypogaea; found in seed cotyledon, localized in soy protein storage vacuoles but not in the oil bodies; amino acid sequence given in first source; similar to Gly-m-BD protein, Glycine max; cultivars PI 567476 and PI 603570A lacking this protein have been developed by USDA;
Also Known As:
P34 protein, Glycine max; P34 protein, soybean; soybean vacuolar protein P34
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