Human foamy virus bel1 protein

Taf isolated from simian foamy virus type 1; Bel-1 isolated from human foamy virus; Tas refers to both, and means transactivator of spumavirus; transactivates HIV-1 LTR-directed gene expression in transient transfection assays; 36 kDa protein encoded by unspliced mRNA of bel-1 gene; has been sequenced
Also Known As:
bel1 protein, Human foamy virus; Taf protein, Macaque simian foamy virus; Taf protein, SFV-1; Taf protein, Simian foamy virus 1; bel-1 protein, HFV; bel1 protein, HFV; bel1 protein, HSRV; bel1 protein, Human spumaretrovirus
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