coronin proteins

an actin-binding protein of 49 KDa with sequence similarities to G protein Beta subunits; RefSeq NM_007074 (CORO1A, human); NM_009898 (Coro1a, mouse); NM_020441 (CORO1B, human); NM_011778 (Coro1b, mouse); NM_014325 (CORO1C, human); NM_011779 (Coro1c, mouse); NM_178893 (Coro2a, mouse); NM_030205 (Coro7, mouse); NM_024535 (CORO7, human)
Also Known As:
CORO1A protein, human; CORO1B protein, human; CORO1C protein, human; CORO2A protein, human; CORO7 protein, human; CRN1 protein, S cerevisiae; Coro1a protein, mouse; Coro1b protein, mouse; Coro1c protein, mouse; Coro2a protein, mouse; Coro7 protein, mouse; IR10 protein, human; TACO protein, human; Taco protein, mouse; YLR429W protein, S cerevisiae; coro protein, Drosophila; coronin 1 protein, S cerevisiae; coronin 1 protein, mouse; coronin 1A protein, rat; coronin 1C protein, human; coronin 1b protein, mouse; coronin 1c protein, mouse; coronin 2 protein, human; coronin 2 protein, mouse; coronin 2a protein, mouse; coronin 3 protein, mouse; coronin 4 protein, mouse; coronin 7 protein, human; coronin 7 protein, mouse; coronin protein; coronin protein, Drosophila; coronin, actin binding protein 1A, mouse; coronin, actin binding protein 1B, mouse; coronin, actin binding protein 1C, mouse; coronin, actin binding protein 2A, mouse; coronin, actin binding protein, 1A, human; coronin, actin binding protein, 1B, human; coronin, actin binding protein, 1C, human; coronin, actin binding protein, 2A, human; coronin-1 protein, human; coronin-1 protein, mouse; coronin-like actin-binding protein 1C; coronin-like actin-binding protein 1C, human; p57 coronin protein, human; tryptophane aspartate containing coat protein, mouse
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