Clk dual-specificity kinases

a dual specificity kinase of the LAMMER kinase family; from embryonal carcinoma cell line; amino acid sequence given in first source
Also Known As:
CDC-like kinase 1; CDC-like kinase 1 protein, mouse; CDC-like kinase 1, human; CDC-like kinase 2; CDC-like kinase 2 protein, human; CDC-like kinase 3; CDC-like kinase 3, human; CDC-like kinase 3, rat; CDC-like kinase 4; CLK1 kinase; CLK1 protein, human; CLK2 kinase; CLK4 kinase; Clk kinase; Clk1 protein, mouse; Clk3 kinase; Clk3 protein, rat; STY kinase; STY kinase, mouse; clk2 protein, human; clk3 protein, human; hclk2 protein, human; rat Clk3
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