CD48 antigen

activation-associated glycoprotein expressed on the surface of mononuclear cells; possible genetic marker for the manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis; similar to members of the Ig superfamily; RefSeq NM_001778 (human); NM_139103 (rat); NM_007649 (mouse)
Also Known As:
B-cell membrane protein, human; BCM1 antigen, human; BCM1 protein, mouse; BLAST1 protein, mouse; Bcm-1 protein, mouse; Blast-1 antigen, human; Blast-1 protein, human; Blast-1 protein, mouse; Blast1 antigen; CD48 antigen, human; CD48 antigen, mouse; CD48 protein, human; Cd48 antigen, rat; Cd48 protein, mouse; Cd48 protein, rat; LOC65424 protein, human; MRC OX-45 antigen; MRC OX-45 antigen, rat; OX45 antigen, human; P41 antigen; Sgp-60 protein, mouse; signal-transducing glycoprotein-60
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