protein kinase N

homologous to protein kinase C; nerve growth factor-activated serine protein kinase that is active in the presence of Mn++
Also Known As:
NGF-regulated serine protein kinase; PKC-related kinase PRK1; PKC-related kinase PRK2; PKN protein kinase, human; PKN1 protein, human; PKN2 protein, human; PKN3 protein, human; PKNbeta; PRK1 (kinase); PRK1 protein, human; PRK2 (kinase); PRK2 protein, human; PRKCL1 protein, human; Pkn1 protein, mouse; Pkn1 protein, rat; Pkn2 protein, mouse; Pkn2 protein, rat; Pkn3 protein, mouse; Pkn3 protein, rat; Prk1 protein, mouse; Prkcl1 protein, mouse; Prkcl2 protein, rat; cardiolipin-activated protein kinase Pak2; protein kinase C-like 1, human; protein kinase C-like 2 protein, human; protein kinase N beta; protein kinase N1; protein kinase N1, human; protein kinase N1, mouse; protein kinase N1, rat; protein kinase N2; protein kinase N2, human; protein kinase N2, mouse; protein kinase N2, rat; protein kinase N3; protein kinase N3 protein, mouse; protein kinase N3, human; protein kinase N3, rat; protein kinase Nalpha, human; protein kinase Nalpha, mouse; protein kinase Nalpha, rat; protein kinase Ngamma; type N II protein kinase
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