Human immunodeficiency virus 1 p55 gag precursor protein

precursor for the HIV-1 gag element; comprised of NH2-p17-p24-p7-p6-COOH; cleaved post-translationally into mature p24, p17, & p15 through at least 2 intermediate proteins; it is a polyprotein precursor that directs the assembly process of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 particles at the cell plasma membrane
Also Known As:
p55 gag precursor protein, Human immunodeficiency virus 1; HIV-1 gag precursor p55; Pr55(Gag) protein, Human immunodeficiency virus 1; p55 Gag polyprotein precursor, HIV-1; p55 HIV-1 gag precursor; pr55 gag polyprotein, HIV-1
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