low molecular weight-B cell growth factor

MW 12 kDa; major lymphokine promoting the growth of activated B cells; shares only limited homology with other known lymphokines; produced by antigen or mitogen-activated T-cells; see also B cell-activating factor (B cell growth factor)
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08/01/1990 - "Our results showed that in 6 of the 14 lymphomas with a chromosomally abnormal clone LMW-BCGF produced an increased frequency of abnormal mitosis. "
08/01/1990 - "Effect of a low-molecular-weight B cell growth factor on the proliferation of normal and neoplastic lymphocytes in lymphomas."
08/01/1990 - "The usefulness of low-molecular-weight B-cell growth factor (LMW-BCGF) for routine cytogenetic study of B cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) was evaluated. "
01/01/1988 - "Our findings provide unique and direct evidence that (a) CD19 is expressed on leukemic B lineage lymphoid progenitor cells freshly obtained from B lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients but not on normal myeloid, erythroid, megakaryocytic, or multilineage bone marrow progenitor cells; (b) ligation of CD19 with B43 MoAb induces sustained increases in [Ca2+]i when crosslinked and inhibits high-molecular weight B cell growth factor (HMW-BCGF)-induced proliferation of activated B cells without affecting their low-molecular weight B cell growth factor (LMW-BCGF) response; therefore CD19 may be a unique signal receptor; (c) HMW-BCGF and LMW-BCGF augment expression of CD19, which suggests that CD19 and BCGF receptors may be under coordinate regulatory control; (d) approximately two million B43 MoAb molecules per cell can be bound to target B lineage lymphoma cells with a Ka of 1.9 x 10(8)/mol/L; (e) CD19 can undergo B43 MoAb-induced internalization; and (f) the opportunity is thus provided for using anti-CD19 MoAb to deliver toxins to B lineage neoplastic cells for more effective treatment of high-risk leukemia/lymphoma patients."
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