Bacillus amyloliquefaciens barstar protein (barstar)

intracellular inhibitor of barnase; GenBank X15545
Also Known As:
barstar; barstar protein, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens; Nuclease inhibitor, barstar
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11/15/2000 - "The high structural resolution of the main transition states for the formation of native structure for the six small proteins of which Phi-values for a large set of mutants have become available, barstar, barnase, chymotrypsin inhibitor 2, Arc repressor, the src SH3 domain, and a tetrameric p53 domain reveals that for the first 5 of these proteins: (1) Residues that belong to regular secondary structure have a significantly larger average fraction of native structural consolidation than residues in loops; (2) on the other hand, secondary and tertiary structures have built up to the same degree, or at least a high degree, but nonuniformly distributed over the molecule; (3) the most consolidated parts of each protein molecule in the transition state cluster together, and these clusters contain a significantly higher percentage of residues that belong to regular secondary structure than the rest of the molecule. "
03/21/2008 - "Compaction of at least one alpha-helix along its axis mediated by internal hydrogen bonds and stabilized by diffuse tertiary structure interactions appears to be one important molecular event during early folding in barstar, CI2, spectrin R16 domain, Arc repressor, alpha-lactalbumin, IM7, IM9, and spectrin R17 domain. "
03/21/2008 - "We investigate the average inter-residue folding forces derived from mutational data of the 15 proteins: barstar, barnase, chymotrypsin inhibitor 2 (CI2), Src SH3 domain, spectrin R16 domain, Arc repressor, apo-azurin, cold shock protein B (cspB), C-terminal domain of ribosomal protein L9 (CTL9), FKBP12, alpha-lactalbumin, colicin E7 immunity protein 7 (IM7), colicin E9 immunity protein 9 (IM9), spectrin R17 domain, and ubiquitin. "
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