4- azido- 7- phenylpyrazolo- (1,5a)- 1,3,5- triazine

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04/01/2008 - "For the first time it was established that changes of fibrinogen parameters, dissolved complexes of monomeric fibrinogen (DCMF), products of fibrinogen degradation (PDEF), first and second waves of platelet aggregation, activated partial platelet time (APPT), range index of contact platelet activation (RICPA), general index of thrombophilia (GIT), platelets, prothrombin time, heparin in blood, plasma tolerance to heparin (PTH), time lysis and euglobulin clot (TLEC), lipid peroxidation, antiradical defence ferment, superoxiddismutase (SOD) in patients with acute virus myocarditis of first, second and third group of severity correlate statistically reliably with grade of severity of clinical course of the disease and require correction with medications."
07/01/2008 - "For the first time it is established that changes of parametres of coagulation hemostasis (fibrinogen Fg, soluble complexes of monomeasured fibrin -SCMF, products of fibrin degradation-PFD, 1st and 2nd waves of platelet aggregation), platelet hemostasis (platelets, a range index of platelet contact activation -RIPCA, activated partial platelet time--APPT, a total index thrombophilia TIT, platelet time--PT, prothrombin time (Prv), physiological anticoagulants (blood heparin-BH, antithrombin III--AT III, plasma tolerances to heparin--PTH), and fibrinolysis (lysis time of euglobulin clot--LTEC), enzyme condition of antiradical protection--superoxide scavenger (SOSC) which reduction in concentration leads to increase in concentration of malonic dialdehyde (MD) in erythrocytes (Er), thrombocytes (Tr), blood plasma (BP) in patients with acute virus myocarditis (AVM) of all severity groups and statistically correlate with the degree of severity of clinical course and demands medication correction."

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