Xenopus magainin 2 peptide

from skin of Xenopus laevis; 23-amino acid sequence given in first source; differs from magainin 1 by substitution of Lys instead of Gly at position 10 & Asn instead of Lys at position 22; also used to prevent development of malarial oocysts in mosquito vector; Z-12 is magainin 2 with Lys and Phe residues replaced with their respective D-isomers; homologue of the Xenopus laevis cement; GenBank AF004262 (mouse), AF007791, AF038451-2 (human)
Also Known As:
magainin 2 peptide, Xenopus; magainin 2, Xenopus; magainin II, Xenopus; magainin-2, Xenopus
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