3C proteases

family of proteinases which play a role in controlling viral protein processing rates during viral replication; usually cleave at Glu- or Gln-
Also Known As:
3C protease protein, Coxsackievirus; 3C protease protein, Encephalomyocarditis virus; 3C protease, Coxsackievirus; 3C protease, EMC virus; 3C protease, Foot-and-mouth disease virus; 3C protease, Hepatitis A virus; 3C protease, Poliovirus; 3C protease, Rhinovirus; 3C proteinase, Poliovirus; 3C proteinases; 3CD protease, Rhinovirus; FMDV 3C protease, Foot-and-mouth disease virus; HAV 3C protein, Hepatitis A virus; poliovirus 3CD proteinase; poliovirus 3c proteinase; polypeptide P22, Encephalomyocarditis virus; protease 3C, Encephalomyocarditis virus; protease 3C, Hepatitis A virus; protease 3C, Rhinovirus; protease 3C, coxsackievirus; protease 3CD, Rhinovirus; proteinase 3C, Poliovirus
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