glycosylated fibronectin

Also Known As:
fibronectin, glycosylated; glycated fibronectin
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Related Diseases

1. Fibroma (Fibromatosis)
12/01/1995 - "The spatial correlation of myofibroblast phenotype, TGF beta and bFGF synthesis and the occurrence of the oncofetal molecular fibronectin variants (ED-B+ and oncofetal glycosylated fibronectin) in the active proliferative fibromatosis nodules suggests a pathogentic role of these growth factors and matrix components in the tumorous tissue formation process. "
11/01/1995 - "Differential expression of fibronectin splice variants, oncofetal glycosylated fibronectin and laminin isoforms in nodular palmar fibromatosis."
11/01/1995 - "The tissue formation process in nodular palmar fibromatosis (Morbus Dupuytren) was investigated by the demonstration of fibronectin splice variants (ED-A and ED-B fibronectin), de novo glycosylated fibronectin and laminin isoforms (A, M, B1, B2, s chains) in association to the proliferative activity (Ki-67 antigen) and the occurrence of myofibroblast phenotype (alpha-smooth muscle actin, desmin). "
12/01/1995 - "To investigate a possible implication of these growth factors in the tissue formation process of palmar fibromatosis, TGF beta 1/2 and bFGF synthesis, as well as TGF beta 1/3 and bFGF tissue distribution, is demonstrated by RNA in situ hybridization and/or immunohistochemistry in relation to myofibroblast phenotype development (alpha-smooth muscle actin, desmin immunohistochemistry), expression of different fibronectin isoforms (ED-A+, ED-B+ and oncofetal glycosylated fibronectin immunohistochemistry, fibronectin RNA in situ hybridization) and cellular activity (cyclin RNA in situ hybridization, Ki-67 immunolabelling). "
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