9-hydroxy-19,20-bisnorprostanoic acid (C83)

structure given in first source; RN given refers to parent cpd without isomeric designation
Also Known As:
C83; C 83; rosaprostol; 9-hydroxy-19,20-bisnorprostanoic acid, monosodium salt; 9-hydroxy-19,20-bisnorprostanoic acid, monosodium salt, (1S-(1alpha,2beta,5beta))-isomer; C-83; IBI-C83; Cyclopentaneheptanoic acid, 2-hexyl-5-hydroxy-
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11/01/1987 - "We have examined the effect of different minimum colony sizes (greater than or equal to 25, greater than or equal to 50, greater than or equal to 75, and greater than or equal to 100 cells) on ionizing radiation survival curves for cells from established murine (CCL 53.1) and human (M1RW5) melanoma cell lines as well as from short-term human melanoma cell strains (C8146A, C8146C, C8161, C83-2C, C82-7A1, and C8442) and patient biopsy (83-4). "
02/01/2004 - "We investigated AP-1 dimer pairing in radial growth phase-like (RGP) (w3211) and vertical growth phase-like (VGP) (w1205) human melanoma cells and metastatic cell lines (cloned from patients, c83-2c, c81-46A, A375, respectively) compared with melanocytes using electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA), Western blot and transfection analyses. "
05/01/1989 - "Three human malignant melanoma cell strains (C8146A, C8146C, and C83-2CY), three established human melanoma cell lines (A375P, A375M, and C8161), and one selected human melanoma subline (A375P-5) were studied to determine if invasion through a reconstituted basement membrane-coated filter (RBMF), which selects the most aggressively invasive cells, would also modulate the cloning efficiency of these cells in soft agar. "
01/15/1986 - "Five human melanoma cell lines (C8146C, C8161, C82-7A, C83-2CY and MIRW5) were shown to contain a significant number of melanoma colony-forming units resistant to single-agent treatment by dexamethasone, alpha-interferon and trans-retinoic acid. "

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