tyrocidine synthetase

consists of 3 multifunctional enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of the cyclic decapeptide tyrocidine; tyrocidine synthetase 1 activates the phenylalanine & racemizes it; tyrocidine sythetase 2 activates proline, phenylalanine & phenylalanine in positions 2,3 & 4 & racemizes phenylalanine at position 4; tyrocidine synthetase 3 catalyzes the activation of the remaining 6 amino acids; see also record for tyrocidine synthetase 1; GenBank AF004835 (tycB and tycC)
Also Known As:
tycA protein, Brevibacillus parabrevis; tycB protein, Brevibacillus parabrevis; tycC protein, Brevibacillus parabrevis; tyrocidine synthetase II, Brevibacillus parabrevis; tyrocidine synthetase III, Brevibacillus parabrevis
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