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2,5-diketopyrrolidine; succinimide calcium salt; succinimide gold potassium salt; succinimide mercury salt; succinimide silver potassium salt; succinimide silver salt; succinimide silver salt (+2); succinimide sodium salt
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09/01/1996 - "alpha-beta Isomerization at the 33-position was expected in view of the previous isolation of a potential precursor (Asp33-Gly34-anhydro-hirudin (Ic)), i.e., a succinimide-type dehydration product liable to undergo facile hydrolysis with ring opening, yielding beta- (along with alpha-) aspartates. "
12/01/1993 - "Two congeners Q4 and Q5 inferred in earlier analyses to be cyclic succinimide-type dehydration products of recombinant hirudin (variant 1) were structurally fully characterized. "
12/01/1993 - "Characterization of succinimide-type dehydration products of recombinant hirudin variant 1 by electrospray tandem mass spectrometry."
07/01/2003 - "Formation of betalinked Asp-Xaa peptide bonds--isoaspartyl (isoAsp) sites--arise in proteins via succinimide-linked deamidation of asparagine or dehydration of aspartate, reactions which represent a major source of spontaneous protein damage under physiological conditions. "
09/01/1988 - "We both discuss the theoretical background and provide practical procedures for each of the following steps: cell culture on Formvar-coated gold grids; prefixation with aldehydes or protein crosslinking reagents (homobifunctional N-hydroxy-succinimide esters); extraction with Triton X-100 or Brij 58 detergent in microtubule stabilizing buffer; postfixation in formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde; dehydration; critical point and freeze drying; sputter coating with 1-2 nm of platinum or tungsten; and examination by SEM and both normal and inverted contrast STEM. "
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