hemoglobin Sealy

Asp replaced by His at position 47 on the alpha chain
Also Known As:
Hb Hasharon; Hb Sealy; hemoglobin Hasharon
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01/01/1980 - "Hemoglobin Hasharon [alpha 247 (CD5)Asp leads to His beta 2] linked to alpha-Thalassemia in northern Italian carriers. "
12/11/1980 - "The interactions between beta-thalassemia and the human hemoglobin (Hb) alpha-chain variants, Hb Hasharon, Hb O Idonesia and Hb J Paris, and between alpha-thalassemia and the beta-chain variants, Hb S, Hb C and Hb G San José, which are characterized by preferential decrease of the abnormal Hb level in peripheral bloods, have been studied. "
01/01/2013 - "THE FOLLOWING ALPHA CHAIN VARIANTS WERE FOUND: seven children with hemoglobin Hasharon [alpha2 47(CE5) Asp>His, HbA2:c.142G>C], all associated with alpha-thalassemia, five with hemoglobin Ottawa [alpha1 15(A13) Gly>Arg, HBA1:c.46G>C], one with hemoglobin St Luke's [alpha1 95(G2) Pro>Arg, HBA1:c.287C>G] and another one with hemoglobin Etobicoke [alpha212 84(F5) Ser>Arg, HBA212:c.255C>G]. "
09/01/2000 - "Among the 27 patients with structural alterations, 15 (of Italian descent) had Hb Hasharon (alpha47Asp-->His) associated with the -alpha3.7 deletion, 4 (of Italian descent) were heterozygous for Hb J-Rovigo (alpha53Ala-->Asp), 4 (3 Blacks and 1 Caucasian) were heterozygous for Hb Stanleyville-II (alpha78Asn-->Lys) associated with the alpha+-thalassemia, 1 (Black) was heterozygous for Hb G-Pest (alpha74Asp-->Asn), 1 (Caucasian) was heterozygous for Hb Kurosaki (alpha7Lys-->Glu), 1 (Caucasian) was heterozygous for Hb Westmead (alpha122His-->Gln), and 1 (Caucasian) was the carrier of a novel silent variant (Hb Campinas, alpha26Ala-->Val). "
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