RN given refers to parent cpd
Also Known As:
PpBQ cpd; phenyl-1,4-quinone; phenyl-4-quinone; phenyl-p-benzoquinone; phenylbenzoquinone, ion (1-); phenylquinone
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4. Experimental Arthritis
09/01/1991 - "Anti-inflammatory activity (adjuvant arthritis and carragheenan-induced paw oedema in rats) and analgesic activity (phenyl-p-benzoquinone writhing, mouse) of the metabolites were at least 10 times lower when compared to diclofenac. "
09/01/1992 - "A comparison of the activity profiles of BF-389 and naproxen showed similarities in: (1) suppression of developing and chronic adjuvant arthritis (AA); (2) maximal inhibitory response, as shown by the E(max) values in the developing and established AA models; (3) inhibition of bone degenerative changes associated with chronic adjuvant arthritis; and (4) analgesic activity in the acetic acid and phenylquinone writhing assays. "
01/01/1980 - "Like other clinically active antiinflammatory drugs such as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), indometacin and phenylbutazone, fenbufen has demonstrated potent activity in a variety of laboratory test systems including carageenin edema (rats), UV erythema (guinea pigs), adjuvant arthritis (rats), urate synovitis (dogs), phenylquinone writhing (mice), and yeast-induced pyresis (rats). "
11/01/1990 - "This class displayed an atypical profile in the assays utilized, including 1) anti-edema and antileukocyte migration activity in the rat carrageenan pleurisy assay without suppression of pleural prostanoid synthesis, 2) blockade of human platelet aggregation induced by arachidonate or PAF but not that induced by the PGH2 analog U-46619, without equivalent inhibition in vitro of mammalian cyclooxygenase or thromboxane synthetase preparations, 3) greater potency and efficacy in the rat implanted sponge assay than in the adjuvant arthritis assay, without inhibition of LTB4 or 15-HETE synthesis in vitro, 4) stronger topical activity in the mouse croton oil inflamed ear assay than the guinea pig UV erythema assay, and 5) oral activity in the rat carrageenan paw edema assay and mouse phenylquinone abdominal constriction rest combined with failure to induce gastric erosion in rats at therapeutic doses. "
5. Arthritis (Polyarthritis)

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