methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins

chemotaxis-specific membrane proteins; the steady-state level of methylation of MACP's reflects the concentration of attractant or repellent; see also record for chemotaxis methyltransferase; cheA is a protein kinase, which in E. coli exists in short (cheA(S)) and long (cheA(L)) forms
Also Known As:
Aspartate chemoreceptor protein; MACP-I; MACP-II; MCP-I protein, E coli; MCP-III protein; Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein III; Serine chemoreceptor protein; cheA histidine kinase, E coli; cheA protein, E coli; cheA(L) protein, E coli; cheA(S)protein, E coli; cheD protein, E coli; cheY protein, E coli; cheZ protein, E coli; chemotaxis Y protein, E coli; methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein I; methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein I, E coli; methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein II; serine chemoreceptor protein, E coli; tsr protein, E coli
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