sorbitol drug combination magnesium hydroxide benzocaine aluminum hydroxide

contains aluminum hydroxide gel 300 mg, magnesium hydroxide gel 200 mg, sorbitol 800 mg, & benzocaine 100 mg; Almagel A laxans given as synonym in first source but do not confuse with laxans in Chemline, a synonym for Bisacodyl (MH); see also Almagel & Almagel-neo
Also Known As:
aluminum hydroxide, benzocaine, magnesium hydroxide, sorbitol drug combination; Almagel A laxans; Almagel A-neo; Almagel-A neo; D-Glucitol, mixt. with aluminum hydroxide, ethyl 4-aminobenzoate and magnesium hydroxide; aluminum hydroxide - benzocaine - magnesium hydroxide - sorbitol
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