pokeweed antiviral protein

Ribosome inactivating protein from PHYTOLACCA; PAP I from spring leaves, PAP II from summer leaves, PAP-R from root, PAP-S & S1 & S2 from seed;
Also Known As:
PAP II protein, Phytolacca americana; PAP III protein, Phytolacca americana; PAP protein, Phytolacca; PAP protein, Phytolacca americana; PAP protein, Phytolacca dodecandra; PAP protein, Phytolacca insularis; PAP-S protein, Phytolacca americana; PAP1 protein, Phytolacca americana; PAP2 protein, Phytolacca americana; PIP protein, Phytolacca insularis; PW-AVP a protein, Phytolacca americana; PW-AVP b protein, Phytolacca americana; Pokeweed antiviral protein, Phytolacca americana leaves; Pokeweed antiviral protein, Phytolacca americana seeds; anti-viral protein, Phytolacca americana; anti-viral protein, pokeweed; antiviral protein, Phytolacca insularis; dodecandrin protein, Phytolacca dodecandra; pokeweed antiviral protein II; pokewood antiviral protein, Phytolacca americana; ribosome inactivating protein, Phytolacca; ribosome-inactivating protein PAP, Phytolacca americana
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