guanosine 5'-O-(2-thiodiphosphate)

Also Known As:
GDP(beta-S); GDP-beta-S; guanyl-5'-yl thiophosphate; 5'-Guanylic acid, monoanhydride with phosphorothioic acid
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Related Diseases

1. Hyperalgesia
02/01/1995 - "Hyperalgesia produced by all five analogs was significantly attenuated or completely blocked by inhibiting stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding regulatory protein with guanosine 5'-O-(2-thiodiphosphate), adenylyl cyclase with 2'5'-dideoxyadenosine and protein kinase A with WIPTIDE. "
09/01/1994 - "Unlike prostaglandin E2, prostaglandin E1 hyperalgesia was not blocked by the inhibitor of the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding regulatory protein, guanosine 5'-O-(2-thiodiphosphate). "
07/17/1989 - "Although without effect alone, guanosine-5'-[gamma-thio]triphosphate (GTP gamma S) and cholera toxin--which activate Gs--both increased, while guanosine-5'-[beta-thio] diphosphate (GDP beta S)--which prevents the activation of Gs--decreased the hyperalgesia induced by PGE2. "
01/01/1992 - "In further support of the role of guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins, guanosine 5'-O-(2-thiodiphosphate), as well as activators of inhibitory guanine regulatory proteins (the mu-opioid agonist, [D-Ala2,N-Me-Phe4,Gly5-ol]-enkephalin, and the adenosine A1 agonist, N6-cyclopentyladenosine, significantly attenuated 8-OH DPAT hyperalgesia."
06/01/1997 - "Infusion of a G-protein inhibitor (GDP-beta-S), a general protein kinase inhibitor (H7), or selective inhibitors of protein kinase C (NPC15437), protein kinase A (H89), or protein kinase G (KT5823) into the spinal cord dorsal horn reversed the mechanical allodynia induced by intradermal injection of capsaicin in a dose-dependent manner by increasing the threshold to mechanical stimulation towards baseline. "
2. Lordosis
3. Rupture
4. Glioma (Gliomas)
5. Cholera

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