phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine synthetase

involved in purine nucleotide biosynthesis; FGAM synthase I contains the glutamine amide transfer domain and FGAM synthase II contains the aminator domain of FGAM synthase
Also Known As:
5'-phosphoribosyl-N-formylglycinamide amidotransferase; FGAM synthase; FGAM synthase I; FGAM synthase II; FGAM synthetase; FGAR amidotransferase; FGAR synthetase; formylglycineamide ribonucleotide amidotransferase; 2-formamido-N-ribosylacetamide 5'-phosphate L-glutamine amido-ligase (adenosine diphosphate)
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