synthetic polypeptide consisting of alanine, glutamic acid, lysine & tyrosine; nonencephalitogenic & nontoxic; capable of suppressing experimental allergic encehalomyelitis; improvement noted in patients with multiple sclerosis; antigen-specific helper factor
Also Known As:
(L-tyrosine-L-glutamic acid)-poly(DL-alanine)-poly(L-lysine); (Tyr-Tyr-Glu-Glu)-poly(DL-Ala)-poly(Lys); Cop 1 (polymer); GLAT copolymer; TGAL copolymer; copolymer I (synthetic peptide); multideterminant antigen (T,G)-A-L; poly-L-(Tyr,Glu)-poly-DL-Ala-poly-L-Lys; synthetic peptide copolymer I; L-Glutamic acid, polymer with L-alanine, L-lysine and L-tyrosine
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