octapeptin antibiotics

complex of cyclic, homodectic octapeptide antibiotics monoacylated with beta-hydroxy fatty acid residues; include above cpd, Bu-1880, 333-25, Y-849r; isolated from Bacillus circulans; RN given refers to octapeptin; structure for octapeptins D1, D2, D3, & D4 in 10th source; RN given refers to octapeptin with MF unknown
Also Known As:
Antibiotic 333-25; Bu 2470; Bu 2470 A; Bu 2470 B1; Bu 2470 B2a; Bu 2470 B2b; Bu-1880; EM 49; Y-849r; octapeptin; octapeptin A1; octapeptin A2; octapeptin A3; octapeptin A4; octapeptin B1; octapeptin B2; octapeptin B3; octapeptin B4; octapeptin C; octapeptin C1; octapeptin D; octapeptin D1; octapeptin D2; octapeptin D3; octapeptin D4; octapeptin tetrahydrochloride
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