used in treatment of bovine mastitis; Cepravin D.C. contains 250 mg cephalonium
Also Known As:
Cepravin D.C.; Cepravin Dry Cow
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02/01/2010 - "There was no difference in the proportion of new IMI across the dry period, the hazard of clinical mastitis in the dry period or in the first 21 days of the subsequent lactation, or in the SCC at the quarter or cow level for cows treated with the novel or reference cephalonium formulations in the prophylactic study. "
02/01/2010 - "Cows with a maximum somatic cell count (SCC) of < or =150,000 cells/ml and with no history of clinical mastitis in the preceding lactation were blocked by herd and age, ranked on maximum SCC, and assigned to be treated with nothing (negative control; n=293 cows), infused in all four quarters with 250 mg of a novel cephalonium formulation (new treatment; n=299 cows), or infused in all four quarters with a reference cephalonium formulation (reference treatment; n=301 cows) at the end of lactation (prophylactic study). "
07/01/2011 - "Cows were blocked by herd, parity, previous history of mastitis and most recent somatic cell count (SCC), and then randomly allocated to either of two cephalonium treatments at the cow level, viz the treatment group (new formulation cephalonium) or the positive control group (existing reference formulation cephalonium). "
06/15/1982 - "[Effect of and length of protection offered by Cepravin Dry Cow in the prevention of summer-mastitis (author's transl)]."
07/01/2011 - "Use of the two different cephalonium products at drying-off in four dairy herds in Southland resulted in equivalence with respect to incidence of bacteriological cure of existing infections, incidence of new IMI postpartum, and incidence of clinical mastitis in early lactation."

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