chloroflurenol-methyl (CF 1)

Also Known As:
CF 1; 2-chloro-9-hydroxyfluorene-9-carboxylic acid methyl ester; methyl morphactin; 2-chloro-9-hydroxy-9H-fluorene-9-carboxylic acid, methyl ester
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12/01/2003 - "However, subsequent studies in a variety of in vitro and animal models, and more limited human studies, have revealed several obstacles to gene therapy for CF: (1) The incomplete understanding of CF lung disease pathogenesis, particularly the relative importance of ion transport and other cellular abnormalities (including glycoconjugate processing, pH regulation of intracellular organelles, and membrane trafficking), and of surface epithelial versus submucosal gland CF transmembrane regulator (CFTR) expression, generates uncertainty as to the necessary target cells for gene transfer and the optimum end point(s) for short-term human studies. "
07/01/1983 - "The high incidence of CF (1 in 1,250 live births) and the high mortality rate in the first year of life (50% of patients die during their first year) indicate that CF weighs heavily on the infantile mortality due to lung disease considered globally. "
01/01/2001 - "Hypersecretion of airway mucus is characteristic of several severe lung diseases, particularly those involving chronic inflammation such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis (CF) (1). "
09/01/1998 - "This article focuses on treatment of the pulmonary disease and includes a discussion of the following specific components of a standard therapeutic approach to CF: (1) antibiotics, (2) airway clearance and exercise, (3) mucolytics, (4) bronchodilators, (5) oxygen, (6) anti-inflammatory therapies, and (7) nutritional support. "
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