nandrolone phenpropionate (Durabolin)

RN given refers to (17 beta)-isomer
Also Known As:
Durabolin; 17 beta-hydroxyestr-4-en-3-one hydrocinnamate; Fenobolin; NSC-23162E; Nerobolil; Nerobolyl; nandrolone phenpropionate, (17alpha)-isomer; norandrolone phenylpropionate; nortestosterone phenylpropionate
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12/01/1986 - "Half of the animals of each gender were exercised by jumping (weighted by a vest with up to 70% body weight) to a height of 16 cm 20 times X d-1 (30 s between jumps) 5 d X wk-1 for 8 wk. Half of the exercised animals and half of the sedentary animals were injected with the anabolic steroid durabolin (0.2 mg in 0.1 ml sesame seed oil) 6 d X wk-1 for the last 3 wk of the 8-wk exercise program. "
03/01/1975 - "Body weight, wet liver weight and the protein content of the liver homogenisates were found to increase under the effect of anabolic treatment, the most explicitely in females treated with Nerobolil. "
12/01/1998 - "Adult non-pregnant female Landrace pigs (n = 4) were fitted with jugular vein cannulae and were treated as follows with an appropriate 'flushing out' period between each treatment: an intravenous bolus of beta-NT at 0.1 mg kg-1 body weight (NTi.v.), 300 mg nortestosterone phenylpropionate (NTPP) in oil of arachis administered per os (NTPPoil) and 300 mg NTPP in aqueous suspension administered per os (NTPPaq). "
05/01/1976 - "It appeared that the use of metabolic regulators (inssulin, vitamin C, vitamins of group B and nerobolyl) increased the assimilation of caseine hydrolysate; this was indicated by a positive nitrogen balance, retention of body weight and an increase in the tissue dry residue. "
01/01/2014 - "Animals were injected i.m., daily, for 10 consecutive days as follows: Aquatest (Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Moldova) testosterone aqueous solution: Testosterone I group (0.4 mg/animal); Testosterone II (0.8 mg/animal); (Deca-Durabolin, Balkan Pharmaceuticals); nandrolone decanoate oily solution: Nortestosterone I (1.5 mg/kg body weight); Nortestosterone II (7.5 mg/kg body weight) and Control (White sesame oil, Manicos, Romania, 0.1 mL/animal). "
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