galacturonic acid

N1 same as NM; RN given refers to parent cpd with unspecified isomeric designation
Also Known As:
galacturonic acid, (D)-isomer; galacturonic acid, (alpha-D)-isomer; galacturonic acid, calcium, sodium salt, (D)-isomer; galacturonic acid, monosodium salt, (D)-isomer
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Related Diseases

1. Neoplasms (Cancer)
07/01/2015 - "Modified pectin is a polysaccharide rich in galacturonic acid altered by pH adjustment and thermal treatment used especially as an anti-cancer agent. "
05/12/2000 - "Aplysia gonad lectin (AGL), which has been shown to stimulate mitogenesis in human peripheral lymphocytes, to suppress tumor cells, and to induce neurite outgrowth and improve cell viability in cultured Aplysia neurons, exhibits a peculiar galacturonic acid/galactose specificity. "
01/01/1989 - "The rate of effector cell/tumor cell conjugate formation in the presence of V. album extracts, as well as the abrogation of both activities by pretreatment of V. album extracts with exoglycosidases specific for sugars other than galacturonic acid indicated an action of the NK cytotoxicity-enhancing component on the basis of a bridging mechanism. "
01/01/1990 - "Using a specifically adapted agglutination assay, the saccharide residues of the rhamnogalacturonan interacting with NK cells and tumor cells could be identified by the formation of homologous cell conjugates induced by acetylated rhamnose or acetylated mannose conjugated to dextran and by polygalacturonic acid: terminal acetylated rhamnose or acetylated mannose bound only to NK cells in a dose-dependent manner but not to K562 tumor cells, and terminal galacturonic acid only to K562 tumor cells but not to NK cells. "
02/15/2012 - "The monosaccharide composition of F2 was arabinose (51.82%), fructose (1.65%), galactose (29.96%), glucose (4.78%) and galacturonic acid (14.80%), with molecular weight 2.5-295 kDa. The bioactive fraction identified and fractionated from ASPS may be used as a health-promoting agent for anemia patients and cancer patients under chemoradiation treatment."
2. Starvation
3. Wounds and Injuries (Trauma)
4. Tuberculosis (Tuberculoses)
5. Rupture

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