aminorex fumarate

RN given refers to fumarate[1:1]
Also Known As:
aminorex fumarate, fumarate (2:1)
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Related Diseases

1. Pulmonary Hypertension (Ayerza Syndrome)
11/01/1996 - "The appetite suppressant aminorex fumarate is thought to have caused an epidemic of pulmonary hypertension in Europe in the 1960s. "
01/30/1971 - "Of 40 patients with obstructive pulmonary hypertension studied in Basle, Switzerland, during the period 1966-68, 32 had been taking an anorectic drug, aminorex fumarate. "
04/01/1986 - "This report describes a fifteen year follow-up of a female patient with aminorex fumarate related pulmonary hypertension and the uncommon finding of the formation of an excessive fusiform pulmonary trunk aneurysm in the late stage of the disease process. "
07/01/1990 - "Owing to the temporally limited effect of the pulmonary hypertension-inducing agent, aminorex fumarate (Menocil), patients with anorexigen-induced pulmonary hypertension may be considered a model group for drug-induced vascular pathology."
07/01/1990 - "Although an exact etiopathogenetic differentiation was not possible, three groups of patients were identified clinically: patients with so-called primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH)--group 1; patients with pulmonary hypertension induced by anorexipens (aminorex fumarate)--group 2; and patients with pulmonary hypertension due to emboli in the large pulmonary vessels--group 3. In addition to non-invasive echocardiographic assessment of pulmonary pressures, regular cardiac catheterizations were carried out, which revealed right atrial mean pressure, cardiac output, and mixed venous saturation to be prognostic predictive factors. "
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