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Electron Transport Complex I (NADH-CoQ Reductase) Summary

Description: A flavoprotein and iron sulfur-containing oxidoreductase complex that catalyzes the conversion of UBIQUINONE to ubiquinol. In MITOCHONDRIA the complex also couples its reaction to the transport of PROTONS across the internal mitochondrial membrane. The NADH DEHYDROGENASE component of the complex can be isolated and is listed as EC

Also Known As: NADH-CoQ Reductase; NADH Dehydrogenase (Ubiquinone); NADH-Coenzyme Q Reductase; Bacterial Electron Transport Complex I; Complex I Dehydrogenase Show All >>

Networked: 203 relevant articles (4 outcomes, 15 trials/studies) for this Bio-Agent

Key Diseases for which Electron Transport Complex I is Relevant

  1. Neoplasms (Cancer) : 1 outcome 2 studies in 28 results
  2. Stomach Neoplasms (Stomach Cancer) : 1 outcome in 2 results
  3. Hepatitis : 1 outcome in 2 results
  4. Body Weight (Weight, Body) : 1 outcome in 2 results
  5. Insulin Resistance : 1 outcome in 1 result
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Drugs Related to Electron Transport Complex I

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  2. Rotenone
  3. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
  4. Succinic Acid (Succinate)
  5. Glutathione (Reduced Glutathione)
  6. Metformin (Glucophage)
  7. Calcium-Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase Kinase
  8. Mitochondrial Proteins (Mitochondrial Protein)
  9. Nitric Oxide Synthase (NO Synthase)
  10. Superoxide Dismutase
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Therapies Related to Electron Transport Complex I

  1. Protein-Restricted Diet (Diet, Protein Restricted)
  2. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)

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