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Dynamins (Dynamin) Summary

Description: A family of high molecular weight GTP phosphohydrolases that play a direct role in vesicle transport. They associate with microtubule bundles (MICROTUBULES) and are believed to produce mechanical force via a process linked to GTP hydrolysis. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC

Also Known As: Dynamin; Dephosphin; Dynamin K44A; Dynamin, Alanine44 Substituted With Lysine; Dynamin, Mutated Form, K44A Show All >>

Networked: 260 relevant articles (5 outcomes, 18 trials/studies) for this Bio-Agent

Key Diseases for which Dynamins is Relevant

  1. Brain Ischemia (Cerebral Ischemia) : 1 outcome 2 studies in 3 results
  2. Parkinson Disease (Parkinson's Disease) : 1 outcome in 4 results
  3. Kidney Diseases (Kidney Disease) : 1 outcome in 2 results
  4. Heart Failure : 1 outcome in 2 results
  5. Heart Arrest (Cardiac Arrest) : 1 outcome in 2 results
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Drugs Related to Dynamins

  1. GTP Phosphohydrolases (GTPases)
  2. Proteins (Proteins, Gene)
  3. Protein Kinases (Protein Kinase)
  4. Glycoproteins (Glycoprotein)
  5. Cathepsin L
  6. Cytochromes c (Cytochrome c)
  7. Genistein
  8. Serine (L-Serine)
  9. Guanosine
  10. Threonine (L-Threonine)
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Therapies Related to Dynamins

  1. Therapeutics
  2. Resuscitation
  3. Ligation
  4. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)

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