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Niacinamide (Nicotinamide) Summary

Description: An important compound functioning as a component of the coenzyme NAD. Its primary significance is in the prevention and/or cure of blacktongue and PELLAGRA. Most animals cannot manufacture this compound in amounts sufficient to prevent nutritional deficiency and it therefore must be supplemented through dietary intake.

Also Known As: Nicotinamide; Vitamin B3; 3-Pyridinecarboxamide; Astra Brand of Niacinamide; Enduramide; Jenapharm Brand of Niacinamide; Merck Brand of Niacinamide; Nicobion; Nicotinsäureamid Jenapharm; Papulex; Pharmagenix Brand of Niacinamide; 3 Pyridinecarboxamide; B 3, Vitamin; B3, Vitamin; Jenapharm, Nicotinsäureamid; Niacinamide Astra Brand; Niacinamide Jenapharm Brand; Niacinamide Merck Brand; Niacinamide Pharmagenix Brand; Vitamin B 3; Vitamin PP

Networked: 1248 relevant articles (107 outcomes, 191 trials/studies) for this Drug

Key Diseases for which Niacinamide is Relevant

  1. Neoplasms (Cancer) : 10 outcomes 25 studies in 164 results
  2. Acne Vulgaris : 10 outcomes 9 studies in 25 results
  3. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Autoimmune Diabetes) : 7 outcomes 13 studies in 40 results
  4. Anoxia (Hypoxia) : 6 outcomes 10 studies in 85 results
  5. Ischemia : 5 outcomes 7 studies in 24 results
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Drugs Related to Niacinamide

  1. carbogen
  2. Tetracycline (Achromycin)
  3. Streptozocin (Streptozotocin)
  4. Niacinamide (Nicotinamide)
  5. Glucose (Dextrose)
  6. Niacin (Nicotinic Acid)
  7. NAD (NADH)
  8. Clindamycin (Cleocin)
  9. Insulin (Novolin)
  10. Vitamins
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Therapies Related to Niacinamide

  1. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)
  2. Radiotherapy
  3. Renal Dialysis (Hemodialysis)
  4. Chemoprevention
  5. Intraperitoneal Injections
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